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Recent Blog Posts

A Pre-NaNoWriMo vlog

Oh, hello. Here’s a vlog. There was writing involved. And some other things. Enjoy.

November plans

I spent a few hours yesterday with my writing notebook and my Sharpie S-Gel…. and now I have a shiny new book to write. Of course, I’ll still be working on finishing the last parts of Bloodlines the Third, but…

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That’s right! There’s a new book coming! Book 2 in The Bloodlines Chronicles takes us back to adventures with the lovely Nicola Casimir. If you haven’t picked up Amethyst Dreams, these books are more interconnected than my usual romances, and it’s highly recommended…

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Book Brain

I started writing a new book this week. For those of you wondering, it’s Bloodlines the Third, the conclusion to Nicola’s arc. BL2 is in final edits and proofreading and formatting stages and so I decided to let myself kind…

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A video about the channel

I’ve seen a lot of these videos lately, but that might be because I’ve been thinking about making this video for a while so they’re standing out to me right now. This is just me embracing that I am a…

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